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Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is a coverage of commercial insurance that you are required by law to carry regardless of how few employees or hours your payroll is for. The only real exclusions to this are for owners and officers with more than a 5% interest in the business, or special religious exclusions. Both of these exclusions need to be documented and on file with your insurance carrier in order to have the exclusion granted. In regards to coverage, there is very little variation between companies, but there can be a massive variation in price. Often times pricing can vary 50% between companies so it is very important to shop for this coverage of commercial insurance. Have you ever thought about any of the questions below?

  • What can happen if I do not carry workers compensation?
  • If my children work for me do they have to be covered?
  • How does the state determine my experience or merit modification?
  • Can I switch my class code assigned by the state if I think another classification sound better suited for my business?
  • If I cover myself as an officer, what am I really entitled to if I am injured on the job?
  • How many years does it take for a large loss to no longer impact my experience mod?

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