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Restaurant Insurance

The DeAngelo Company was founded on developing the restaurant insurance niche. It is the agencies longest running specialty insurance program and our pricing and coverage is extremely competitive. We insure restaurant in PA, NJ, MD, DE, and will be adding more in the near future. Our expertise in this field allows us to put a plan in place that truly covers your business. We understand how to cover all aspects of your business including, liquor liability, entertainment, BYOB, and special events just to name a few. The types of restaurants we insure are fine dining, family style, casual dining, fast food, ethnic, and almost anything out there. We do very well on liquor liability, but are only a market if liquor sales are under 50% of total sales. We insure hundreds of restaurants and are rapidly growing. Have you ever thought of any of these question in regards to your restaurant insurance?

  • Is liquor liability really needed if we are very careful with who and how much we serve?
  • How do I cover myself if we lose power and all of our food spoils?
  • If we do not sell alcohol but allow BYOB is there a way to still be covered by a liquor liability endorsement?
  • How do I make sure my income is protected if there is a fire at my location and we are out of business for an extended period of time?
  • Is catering covered as part of my policy?
  • My restaurant is open 24 hours. Are there any standard companies out there that will insure me or is it only high risk?

Give us a call today for fast and direct answers to your questions and large savings on your insurance premiums. Our rates are extremely competitive and we do not counter, which means that we always give our best price from the start.

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