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Manufacturing/Machine Shops

In regards to manufacturing operations and machine shops we are one of the most competitive agencies out there. We have a deep knowledge of the manufacturing industry ranging from small mom and pop shops to large multi-state operations. We are broad in the products that can be covered and can offer a lot of insight into loss control and safety programs for your organization. Have you ever thought about any of the following questions?

  • I directly import a lot of my materials. Is this going to cause problems finding competitive rates for my insurance?
  • How do I protect myself from increases and decreases in product at my facility in case of a fire?
  • Can I obtain an Errors and Omissions policy for my operation?
  • Do military contracts make me harder to insure?
  • Some of my products go into aviation and medical devices. Can this exposure also be covered?
  • Is there anyway that my insurance company can help me with safety training?

Give us a call today for fast and direct answers to your questions and large savings on your insurance premiums. Our rates are extremely competitive and we do not counter, which means that we always give our best price from the start.

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