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Commercial Auto Insurance

Your commercial vehicles can be a big part of your business insurance expense. Fortunately, our commercial auto pricing is very aggressive and we show a significant savings to most of our customers. We can cover any type of commercial vehicle you have regardless of size or brand. Bucket truck, crane, tractor trailer, no problem. We have a policy that can fit your need regardless of you mix of vehicles. Have you ever had any of the following questions?

  • Should I cover the crane on my truck as part of the auto policy or inland marine?
  • How many motorized vehicles qualify me for fleet pricing?
  • Can I have private passenger vehicles on my policy that family drive on a regular basis?
  • All of my vehicles are on my commercial policy. How do I make sure I am covered for personal use as well.
  • Who can drive the commercial vehicles on my policy?
  • How do I know that my drivers have clean records? Can this be checked for me before I make a new hire?

Give us a call today for fast and direct answers to your questions and large savings on your insurance premiums. Our rates are extremely competitive and we do not counter, which means that we always give our best price from the start.

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